Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yesterday I decided to do one more thing to entice people to meet us in Mercer County Park.  I created a Meetup group.  I'm still hoping for dozens of people by the end of the summer.  Yesterday was so perfect for outside Yoga.  Soft breezes, sunshine but not hot-- I'm sorry you missed it.   Next one is Saturday.  Please let me know if you are coming.  Bring friends, family, total strangers! 

And for my tip of the day I'm thinking about health a lot lately.  I've taken the chemicals out of all the products I use on my body and hair.  I use tea tree shampoo from Trader Joe's, no scent Dr. Bronner's soap for the shower and Tea Tree face soap from Trader Joe's.  I go on again off again with Tom's of Maine toothpaste, but it is the only one that doesn't cause me to have sensitive teeth eventually.  So now what do I do about sun screen? 

I went to the dermatologist and she said everything was great except I did have some sun spots so to use sun screen when I go out.

I tried just coconut oil because I read that blocks UV rays and I burned.  Granted, I didn't reapply and was out on the water kayaking for hours.

And so I found this in the free magazine Natural Awakenings about natural chemical-free sunscreens.

Now I'm going to buy Jason's or Burt's Bees chemical free sunscreen because I trust those companies.

So now what do you feel about sun screen?   What do you do to keep healthy in the summer?

Happy Thursday!

Yoga Girl

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