Monday, July 30, 2012

Aching Backs

Today I decided my shoulder/back pain had to be because I do not sit at my desk.  I sit at the kitchen table, the living room table, the couch and type on my laptop.  I should be sitting up straight at my desk with a pillow at my back, says Dr. Blecher, my chiropractor.  He also says that laptops cause some of the pain people are having because we have to look down to see the monitors, and our hands shouldn't be so far in toward each other while typing.  Dr. B has been giving me lots of tips.  I would like to some day not have shoulder and back pain.  Unfortunately some of my problems come from flat feet and scoliosis but I can do something about posture.

Of course when I practice Yoga asanas every day I do not feel as tight and uncomfortable as when I don't.  But all the sitting I do, driving and typing isn't very helpful, so I need to make sure I find the right way to sit or stand.  I think I'm going to get a new desk and find an exercise ball to sit on.

When my chiropractor, Dr. B took photos of me the other day he explained on his iPad what I could do to straighten up my posture and possibly take the weight off the muscles.  For example, he said that the human head is ten pounds (which I knew from Jerry McGuire) and if you look at my natural stance-- my head is a little more forward which makes it feel more like 30 pounds.  
So ever since these pictures, I try to keep my awareness on my posture.  I think about pulling my head back and chin parallel to the floor, keeping my alignment as straight as possible. 

Next stop a new mattress.  It takes me forever to get comfortable lying in bed.  I feel better lying on the ground.

Anyone else dealing with back issues?  Any suggestions for how to deal with it?

My Yoga Tip of the Day--Along with practicing the postures, practice awareness of your body throughout the day.  Are you slouching in that couch, using too high of a pillow at night?  Maybe your chiropractor has this imaging on her iPad.  Ask about it.  And if you want to ask Dr. Blecher about it either contact him at Health Source of Plainsboro-- or 609-799-8444.

Here's to health and happiness!

Om Shanti,
Yoga Girl

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  1. I've raised my monitor at work, which has helped a lot of neck ache. In addition to being aware of my posture while sitting, I also have been watching my breathing as in meditation. We often hold our breath while concentrating and this really makes our shoulders and neck tense! Have you tried acupuncture? I've been going to acupuncture for sore shoulders, and it has really helped a lot.


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