Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Superheros for Health

Yoga Girl's List of Little Ways that add up to being a Big Superhero for Health and Harmony.

1. Instead of throwing out hole-y socks use them instead of swiffer wet/dry sweeper sheets
2. Use salt and water paste to clean ovens, countertops even makes a great emergency detergent for dishes and laundry.  I used an old container of scented salt for the bath that someone gave me ages ago and I find too drying on my skin-- but it made the oven top sparkle!   cleaning-with-salt.html
3. I met someone who actually likes the smell of bleach.  It is synonymous with clean to her.  I gag just thinking about it.  Instead of that toxic carcinogen for all my bathroom chores I use vinegar, baking soda, Dr. Bronners soap and any essential oil I have, such as lemongrass, tea tree oil or peppermint.  It smells better and the scent lasts a long time.  No need for glade plug-ins chemicals.
4. I grew up cleaning the house with pledge but my parents had us cleaning the house with my dad's old t-shirts and underwear.  I don't know if any other household did this but it was very funny if we left out the tighty whiteys when friends came over.  Although it was funny, underwear cotton is very thick and soft so it does make a great cleaning cloth.  I tend to use old t-shirts now but have fond memories of Fruit of the Loom. 
5. When it is time to clean the wood furniture out comes the olive oil which I pour just a few drops of right on a cut piece of an old t-shirt or sock and add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil-- smells great.
6. And today I add a new one to my list-- homemade shampoo.  I'm going to try it for the first time today.  I'll let you know how it goes.  My reason for trying it is the great website-- The Story of Stuff Project www.storyofstuff which makes cute cartoon movies that really explains how big industry dupes us into believing we need all these products to smell better, look better and be healthier.  Chemicals in our homes, on our skin, in our water-- Oh my!  So here's the latest post on their website:

I just cut my hair, so I hope the new shampoo/conditioner work so I can show it off today. 

May we all live in peace, harmony and health.  Oh, and learn to laugh a little along the way.

Om Shanti!

Yoga Girl