Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Swami Cat Tour & Book Coming Soon!

Om and Purr to you, my friends.

I don't think I told you the great news.  Yoga Girl and I are planning a summer tour to Yoga centers near you.  Family Yoga sessions, Yoga songs and skits will be a mixture of entertainment and learning for the young and young at heart. 

Let Yoga Girl know of a Yoga Center you would like us to tour to by replying to this blog post or on Facebook.

And Swami Cat is working with the New Jersey Yogi and artist, Nitya to provide you with a book of Yoga fun phrases, a children's book, t-shirts and posters to adorn your home Yoga studio.

It's going to be a fun summer!  I know, I know-- it's not even Spring yet.  But I get so excited when the sun comes back to warm us.  It is like a shot of vitamins; I get so much energy. 

So let me know if there's a child in need of some Yoga fun (or you yourself) and we'll try to come out your way.
Ruby asking Swami Cat the answer to life, the universe and everything. 

Ommmmm Meow,

Swami Cat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Splitting the Tulips

Last night at the Geshe Michael Roach talk in Princeton I heard a really beautiful explanation of Karma.  Geshe Michael said that he doesn't use the word Karma because we don't understand it fully.  He told us about his tulips that he planted and his Master asked if he dug up the tulips, split them and spread them out?  He did not know what his Master was talking about.  It turns out that tulips if kept in the ground multiply and then battle each other for the nutrients and eventually he would have smaller tulips and not as nice.  He says we need to plant seeds as well-- spread them out, plant them and when we give without any reward we get back so much more.  I'm not saying it as well as him, so you might want to listen to his talk from last night.  It is on Ustream.  If you have a chance to see him live, do so.  He's sweet and very funny.  He has many classes and books for sale.  Check him out at

Enjoy the Ustream video by clinking on the link below.

karuna (Yoga Girl)