Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make a Vow

Do you have days when you're going, going, going up until you fall into bed?  That was my day.  I almost forgot to write in the blog and even turned off my computer, but no!  I can not sleep until I write in my blog.  That was my commitment.  At the end of Yoga class I usually suggest that one makes a vow to do something to deepen one's daily Yoga practice, to bring Yoga into the forefront of one's mind.  I think making a vow is the way to deepen my practice.  This is my vow-- to share some Yogic thoughts here everyday for a month. 

In The Golden Present, Swami Satchidanadaji said, "If you make a vow, no matter what it is, stick to it. Sticking to it is a very difficult thing to do. You will have to face a lot of tests, but be persistent. The ability to persevere will prove that you are the master of your own mind."

Is there something you've been meaning to do everyday?

Hatha Yoga?
Pay more attention to your food as you eat?
Turn off the TV and listen to music or read instead?

Maybe today is the day to make a vow.  What could it hurt? 

Maybe your vow is to come to the Free Yoga class on Wed. mornings at 10am or Sat. at 8am!  That would be a good vow!  (Mercer County Park-- Marina-- look for the Yoga mats.)  Hopefully we'll see you there.

Much light, laughter and health to you!

-- Yoga Girl

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  1. P.S. It is best for success if you start off small. Do something that you know you can handle every day. If you pick something too big, you will fail and that doesn't bring about happiness, which is the goal of Yoga. -- Swami Cat


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