Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Letter To Swami Cat

Dear Swami Cat,

I’m so sorry you couldn’t be there at our wedding because of that catastrophe with your ingrown paw nail.  Then again it was the biggest honor having Sri Rev. Jaganath Carrera officiate.  He told us to take time beforehand to meditate together so that we could be present and enjoy our wedding.  And boy was he right.  At one point while Guruji was speaking about marriage, instead of being nervous about saying my vows, I looked out at the congregation and saw all the couples all leaning into one another holding hands and remembering back to the day when they took their vows.  It was really a touching ceremony and I still have relatives calling to tell us how grateful they were that Guruji took the time to explain the puja and why it was important that everyone not only bear witness but also bless the wedding rings for they will hold within them everyone’s thoughts and prayers.  He also explained that the real moment of marriage in a Yogic ceremony was when we garland one another.  It is the moment that we see each other not only as our partners but also as God embodied within this human form.  I think the ceremony turned a lot of people onto Yoga.  Hopefully we’ll see some of these friends and family join us at Satsang.

Also thank you Swami Cat for that really thoughtful gift card to Petco.  Now all we need is a pet.  Although, I’m a little afraid to tell you that we were thinking of a dog.  Would that offend you?  I’m pretty sure dogs do Yoga too.  I saw one light cocoa colored poodle in a Hatha class once, it was being trained to be a therapy dog so it had to stay with people all day.  When we began Kapalabati breathing she joined in.  I thought it was a fluke but then she stopped when we stopped and began again for our second round.  So what do you think? 

Your faithful assistant,

Yoga Girl

If you would like to send Swami Cat a message feel free to email him through his assistant Yoga Girl at lewritestuff@yahoo.com or go onto his new Facebook page.

Remember to take time to clean your litter box now so you can nap all the rest of the day.
Om and purr.