Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Good Things

Sometimes it's good to remind yourself how good things are going.  The gratitude list.  I do this every morning.  Now I'm going to have to teach my nephew.  It breaks my heart-- the little five year old is now speaking which thank God is happening, and yet he says, "I hate myself."  For many nights now I've been uneasy thinking about this and can not get to sleep.  I want to tell him that maybe what he means is that he hates this situation.  Maybe he means that he hates the hospital but saying "I hate myself" is breaking his mother and my heart.  And I want to tell him, it will get better.  I want to tell him that he's making great progress and soon he'll be able to run and jump and "Party like a Rock Star."

So for Ethan this list is dedicated:

I can breathe on my own
My legs can kick
I can speak and others understand me
I can sing
I can smile
I can explore new things
I can snuggle up with family
I can laugh
I can sleep
I can enjoy dessert if and when I chose to
I can listen to my favorite music and movies
I can tell everyone to "Stop" and they listen.

May you find pleasure in the little things today.

Lots of love, light and laughter,
Yoga Girl

Here's the video that took me months to edit but here he is with his older brother jumping and goofing around-- and singing my new yoga song appropriately titled, "My Yoga Song."  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just a quick thought--

Sorry that I haven't been posting of late.  My nephew is in the hospital and I'm feeling the need to help family lately.  But as I do, I notice how much Yoga has taught me and kept me strong through it all. 
Seeing a once active four year old in the hospital slowed down by brain surgery is enough to put someone on the floor in fetal position for a very long time.  My heart is full and sometimes overflows with tears but my practice has deepened as of late.  I do my meditation and asana devoted to Ethan.  Whenever there is a lull in my day I pray for him and say my mantra. 

I feel lucky to have these practices in my life.  It was also such a gift that my sister who has been living at the hospital with him for three weeks now, asked me to lead a Yoga class for her.  My family is usually happy that I do Yoga but do not think it is for them.  It was so beautiful being able to help my sister breathe and find some relief from the daily stresses of nurses, medicines, new diagnoses, etc.

Ethan is getting a little better every day thanks to the many, many prayers.  We still do not know how many of his abilities he will regain but he smiles, and sings softly and can play catch.  These are all amazing gifts and I'm so thrilled to be able to be a part of his life. 

If you are interested there is a Benefit for Ethan concert on Dec. 10th.  Info below. 
Thank you for being a part of my life as well.

Om Shanti,
Yoga Girl