Sunday, June 29, 2014

Been thinking a lot lately about Yoga.  I've renewed my personal practice and enjoy an hour in the morning outside with the dog lying in the sun next to me.  It is pure bliss.  Connecting to nature, hearing the birds, smelling the grass as I curl up into cobra, I am in joy.  As the sun shines through the trees onto my face, I am able to sit, just sit in meditation and soak in all that is right in the world, sending out thoughts of peace and healing to those at war, those in hospitals, those who are lonely, or unwell, and the animals, plants, oceans, etc.  Being outside practicing Hatha has grounded my practice and I can't wait to get outside in the morning for my soaking in the sweetness and serenity. 

Yet, at the same time, I'm worried about Yoga.  I worry that those who could benefit most from a practice like Yoga are not going to find it because they might not understand that Yoga is not stretching and posturing.  You know what I'm talking about?  The incredible, almost impossible to the 99% of us-- side angle crow posture where the arms hold up the whole body but the legs are out to the side. 
Okay, this is a pose I have accomplished once or twice, but not without laughing, sweating and feeling like a superhero for just a second, until I fall back into my mere mortal status.  It is wonderfully brilliant if you can do this pose.  So happy for you.  I envy your arm and core strength, but I fear that there are many people out there that think they can not do Yoga because of the popularity of Yoga flow classes and advanced Hatha classes that focus on these challenging poses, yet do not teach that this "Yoga"-- this body-centered Asana centric Yoga is only one of the eight limbs of the real, whole Yoga. 

Rev. Jaganath says that it like what happened to the bakers.  When bread was born it was of course made from natural, healthy wheat ground into flour and bread was made.  Then came the refined, bleached, processed flour that soon many bakers were baking with.  Those who held onto the first recipes could no longer call their bread made with wheat, they had to call it "whole wheat" even though that's what it was before.  That's what it had always been.  But with the new wheat being made, the bakers had to reinvent a name for their bread and so "whole wheat" was born.

Although many Yogis I know are now gluten-free, the symbolism can be read into very easily.  Our
modern American society, obsessed with looks and the body has filtered out what it wants to focus on most and forgets the rest of "Whole" Yoga.  Yet, from what I see as a public school teacher and a compassionate human being-- I think it is the rest of the practices of Yoga that is most needed today.  Yes it is true that we should continue to work on a strong core in order to stay healthy but what about the mind and spirit?  Can we not get them healthy as well?

"Whole" Yoga is made up of:
Raja Yoga (the Yoga of synthesis and the science of meditation and the mind.  It is a holistic approach founded on moral and ethical precepts)
Hatha Yoga (postures, techniques for breath control, deep relaxation, cleansing practices)
Bhakti Yoga (love and devotion to any form of God)
Jnana Yoga (study and self-analysis)
Japa Yoga (repetition of a mantra to clear, calm, and steady the mind
Karma Yoga (the path of selfless service.) 

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My wish for the upcoming year is for more people to realize that Yoga is more than strength of body, but strength of mind and spirit as well.  I try to remind my students in my Hatha classes that the Hatha we are practicing is a moving meditation.  Hatha Yoga was created 5,000 years ago for the sole purpose of helping us sit still in meditation.  I get sad every time someone leaves my class early before Sivasana at the end of class, for that is why we do all the other asanas-- this is the whole purpose of the class-- the synthesis of all that we did, the way our body heals.  As one of my teen students put it, "I always feel like I am flying, weightless, outside of my body.  That's my favorite part." 

So how do we help others understand that Yoga is for everybody.  For every BODY?  That Yoga as we know it in America is Hatha-- all of the movement oriented classes are under the umbrella of Hatha and that there is so much more to it. 

If you are interested in learning more, please let me know.  There are a few classes, meetups, gatherings that are specializing in "Whole Yoga."  Many only learn these lessons if they take a Yoga teacher's training class, and I'm not even sure it is taught in all classes.  I am saddened by this, as you can tell since you've made it this far in reading. 

My wish is that everyone, no matter what religion, no matter what physical shape, no matter what mental or spiritual shape they are in-- could find a practice to help her/him come to stillness, come to joy and peace.  There are probably hundreds of ways s/he could find this peace, but a practice like Yoga (or do we have to say, "Whole Yoga") is a proven, effective way for one to sustain find the peace and sustain it.

I have many friends who say that they tried Yoga but they couldn't sit still.  They jog to clear their head, or garden or they take pilates.  Wonderful I think to myself.  That is great they found something that helps them.   But what happens when they get injured and can't jog, take pilates, or it is winter and the plants are no longer there to garden?  What happens to their peace?  Ah, well-- Yoga (Whole Yoga) can go with you anywhere for you need nothing, except your own breath and a practice to guide you. 

Enjoy a slice of Whole Yoga today.  Go to  or sign up for a meditation class, teacher's training or come experience a Satsang.  Learn more about Yoga that is beyond just the body. 

“The yogi is not one who sits down to practise breathing exercises,” he wrote in his interpretation of the Gita. “He is one who looks upon all with an equal eye, sees other creatures in himself.” That's one pose that will truly reduce your stress. -- Sri Mahatma Gandhi

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With high hopes of spreading the love, light and joy,

Yoga Girl

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time goes so quickly when enjoying the summer sun. 

Backyard Yoga yesterday.
Peonies started to bloom and smell amazing.
Planning many videos and workshops for the summer with Yoga Girl.
New books on the horizon and continue to promote Swami Cat Says.
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