Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It's not so easy to remember these days.  I carry around little pink sticky notes.  Sometimes I email myself so I remember to do things.  I've even called myself and left myself a message.  That's the silliest feeling-- "Hello me-- it's me." 

But I'm trying to be more mindful.  Meditation in the morning is not the twenty minutes I promised myself I was going to do but I've been doing my Yoga routine in the morning ending in a few minutes of meditation.  Thank goodness, for I don't know what I'd be like without a few minutes of focus.  I can hardly remember what day it is.  That's what happens in the summer to those whose routine is disrupted for two months.

This week I have to remember to:
Water the veggies outside (Oops almost forgot tonight)
Practice with Swami Cat for the "Talk" at Saturday's Guru Poornima
Call for an appointment with the dentist
Contact actors for a reading of my play next week
Contact my dad to see if we can schedule that balloon ride I bought on Groupon last year
And there's one more thing, but I think I forgot it...

 How is your meditation going?
Is it helping you be more mindful?

Remember I won't be at Mercer County Park tomorrow morning-- I've working on curriculum for my theatre classes in a workshop.

But I'll see all of you Cando friends at 5:30!

Be well & have fun!

Yoga Girl

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