Sunday, March 27, 2011


What happened to being quiet when you are in the audience and letting the artist entertain you?  In this current climate of Youtube I think some people think they are allowed to be the center of attention all the times because they constantly tweet or update their status on Facebook.  I am embarrassed that last few times I've been out to see a performance that someone in the audience thought they had the right to talk directly to the performer in the middle of their show.  It happened to us last night at Lily Thomlin's show in Red Bank.  In the middle of her show a woman in the front row asked if Lily could sign her autograph.  Lily was going to say no but the audience urged her to do it.  Then the woman asked if she could sign it for her daughter and spelled it out-- two names with unique spellings.  This took about four minutes, but who has such an ego that they think that it is okay to waste hundreds of other people's time?  What made the night even worse was that I had a hard time listening to Lily for the five women behind me were straight out of the book of rudeness.  They probably think that "Etiquette" is a kind of French croquette.  They were talking the whole time but not in a whisper a full out cackling, ranting misery.  Three people asked them to be quiet but they continued to talk as if they were at home watching a football game and their team was losing.  I am afraid that performers might think all of New Jersey is this uncultured and selfish.

Is this a trend?  I hope not.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was inspired to clean out my closet of old clothes.  It was really easy once I started.  Out went the shirt I've only worn a few times, and the pants that are way too big but they were on sale and were comfortable.  So I tried to get the whole collection down to 33 but I couldn't.  That's okay, I am donating a whole 2 large bags of clothes to Goodwill and now I have space in my closet. 

Check this out. 

Okay it still needs a closet makeover but it is less cluttered.   And now I feel like my mind has had a little Spring cleaning as well. 

Ah, Spring cleaning.  Making room for a few breezes and long walks in the woods.  I can't wait.

How's your closet and mind?  Any open space?