Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Free Yoga Class

I wish I had pictures or a video to show you.
It was too funny.
There we were at the Mercer County Park pavilion setting up and suddenly two tiny sparrow-like birds were very disturbed that we were there.  They had a nest up in the rafters and we were nearby, not directly underneath it (because it was a little messy underneath it, if you know what I mean) but a few feet away.  I thought about moving but the sun was shining and I didn't want people to get sun burned or too hot.  I thought about moving out of the pavilion altogether, but I told people that is where I would be.

Ah the dilemna. 

We did the Yoga class and as it turns out no one disturbed by the irate birds except for me.  I was the one that was worried about them dive bombing the Yogis. 

I also thought it would be less dirty than putting our mats on the ground, but concrete in a park is very dirty I am sad to say.  Putting our hands out like a T to do spinal twists was a bit grimy. 

Yet I loved it.  Looking out into the lake while taking a Yoga class is like doing a Yoga video at home watching them in Hawaii or some exotic place-- except you can feel the cool breeze and enjoy live birds dive bombing you.

My favorite part of the Yoga class was that two women were watching from a hill.  I waved them over and they joined us.  They had the best time.  They were laughing at the poses they couldn't do and just thoroughly enjoying themselves.  I found out later that they had never taken a Yoga class before.  That's the best.  Spreading the joy of Yoga to those who might not have tried it if it was not out in the Park and open to everyone.

I had a wonderful time.  And if you come on Saturday to the 8am class you can rent a kayak and go kayaking with me.  I'm in the mood for some meditation in motion on the water. 

Hopefully I'll see you there and maybe you can see the funny protective birds that I'm talking about.  We'll try to set up a little bit further away this time though.

Lots of joy to you,
Yoga Girl

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