Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swami Cat Art

Guess what everyone?  Swami Cat is publishing a book!  Check out the new art work by the amazingly talented Yogi, Nitya Martino.
These paintings are part of the collection being put together into a book.

And this summer-- the Swami Cat Yoga for Families Tour!  A concert sing-a-long, Hatha Yoga class and puppet show all-in-one!

Looking for volunteers for a practice Family Yoga class-- let me know if you're interested.

Oh and if you are interested in purchasing a Swami Cat picture for hanging in a child's room
or a postcard size for the office or mailing to a friend
let me know.

As Swami Cat says,
"Om and Purrrrr."

      Yoga Girl

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hari Om,

Satsang!  Come join us for another Satsang, just like the one posted on YouTube last November.

My experience is that I leave lighter, more at peace, filled with joy, love and laughter.

Come on down to Akasha this Friday night at 7:30 and you'll see for yourself.  Or if you have a question that you are dying to ask Guruji and you can not get there-- comment here and I'll make sure he gets the question.  I'm official videographer so I'll post your answer here on the website.  Voila-- the integration of thousands of years of Sage advice and the internet!

Satsang at Akasha -  A Space to Heal
with Reverend Jaganath Carrera
Friday, 13 April
7:30pm - 9:30pm, $15

Click on for more information.

Sending you peace, healing and joy today and everyday!
-- Yoga Girl

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Updates

How have you been?
I hope this Spring has been good to you so far.
It's a lovely cool day in upstate NY.
We've been in the woods playing with moss, grass and dirt.  Nothing better than allowing yourself to get dirty. My mother won't be yelling at me because I'm the one who will be doing the laundry.
We're doing a photo shoot for J's CD cover. 
Split helps hip!
Yoga Dog snuck into a few photos.
I love this dog.

I've been meaning to write to update you on a few things:
     1. I don't wash my hair with baking soda anymore.  It really worked well, but I couldn't wash it all out  sometimes and my head itched. Apple Cider Vinegar & water is an excellent conditioner, but be careful it actually can make your hair too greasy.  I only do every other washing with it. 
     2. I cut my hair.  It's fun to look a little different.  The comment I get most is, "It's so cute."  Cute is not what I'm usually going for, but I can grow into cute.  Cute isn't bad.
     3. Writing is going really well.  I'm done with this one play that I think is going to be done all over the country.  Now I just have to send it out to contests and meet the right producer.
     4. Back to teaching Yoga Wed. nights.  I love it and missed teaching the class.
     5. I'm excited to announce that I'm running a Yoga Retreat for Artists and those who want to explore their artistic side more.  Flyer is below.
     6. I sang background vocals on one song for J's CD, soon to be released.
     7. Zumba rocks!  So much fun to dance my way to a healthy body.
     8. Best news ever-- I've found that if I do a split stretch (like I did everyday when I was young) my hip doesn't hurt.  Splits are not usually in the Yoga routine, but I'm putting it in mine.
     9. Making a personalized Hatha Yoga DVD for a friend.  And I owe my cousin a CD of the relaxation into Sivasana that I do at the end of every Yoga class that I teach.  It's been almost seven years now that I've been teaching Yoga.  Amazing.
     10.  It's a year since Yoga Dog came to live with us and he's fitting right into the family.  Swami Cat is still a little uncomfortable with the change, but he's meditating on it.  Soon he'll be on tour and out of the house often so that might help.  Look for the Swami Cat Family Yoga tour coming to a studio near you this summer.

That's all I have for now.

Blessings to you for health, peace and fun this Easter/Passover/Rebirth season.

Yoga Girl

P.S. We found that we were poisoning Yoga Dog.  Be careful of your flea/tick medicines.  They are really toxic.  Poor Yoga Dog was getting sick once a month for a few days.  I thought it was sympathy pains for my monthly pains.  Turns out the flea/tick gel (K-9 Advantix) we put on him once a month was the culprit.  It had the best least harmful write up.  But now we know it has made other dogs sick and some little ones have even died.  Poor Yoga Dog.  So now we're hoping to use only essential oils that repel bugs.  So, Yoga Dog just as I wrote this had a tick.  "Tick!  I yelled.  Where's the tweezers?!"   It's going to be a very buggy Spring/Summer that's for sure. 

Are you itchy?  I'm itchy.

Send us your bug stories.  Or your Top Ten Updates.  We love comments and letters.