Monday, July 2, 2012

I Did It

Morning was wonderful.  I did wake, walk Yoga Dog and the sweet morning air was invigorating, not oppressive as it is now (at noon.)

Then after walking in and giving him his breakfast I had a thought-- I could turn on the computer and start working but... I remembered my promise to myself and all of you.  I went into the Yoga Room (which is also J's office, and storage for our bikes & kayaks) and did my full Yogic routine plus a long meditation.  I think I did fifteen minutes of silent meditation.  Yea!  Okay, now two weeks I hear is what you need to do to make something a habit.  Okay-- one down, thirteen more to go.

In meditation after I find the quiet.  I feel my body pulsing and as if a light has shined on.  I like to imagine the beautiful light in the Lotus (Light of Truth Meditation Room) meditation room of Yogaville, Swami Satchidanada's Ashram in Virginia.

LOTUS (Light Of Truth Universal Shrine)  A central light reaching to the roof, which connects to twelve rays of light emanating from the top of the shrine down to an altar for each of the major world faiths, plus an altar for "faiths yet unknown". This reminds the visitor that all faiths have one source, which is the universal light of truth.
See slideshow of LOTUS inside and outside.  It is as if you are visiting Virginia.  You get to see everything.

LOTUS is a beautiful space pulsating with peace.  I have never felt so at home and fell so easily into meditation as I did when I was there.  Go to # 38 in the slide show and see the light I am talking about.  Sri Swami Satchidananda is in the picture, along with a side view of Guruji Rev. Jaganath Carrera.

The light has a wonderful story attached to it.  Let's see if I remember it correctly:
As LOTUS was being built Swami Satchidananda wanted the light to feel as if it was moving upwards toward Heaven.  The engineers tried several different light options until someone, maybe even Sri Swamiji mentioned bubbles.  The light is inside a layer of water and bubbles.  When the heat from the light warms the bubbles, they rise.  It really does make your soul soar when you see it!

That's my imagine when I meditate.

What's yours?  Water?  A secluded rock to sit on?
 Looking forward to your images of meditation.  Maybe I could borrow it when I'm in need of a little  help getting to that "silent" place.

Many blessings to you today and all days!

-- Yoga Girl

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