Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yoga Arsenal

I'm feeling so lucky.  I'm sharing Yoga with more and more new faces.  It's such a gift to be able to share this gold mine of peace.  As my mother recently reminded me, we all need a bag of tricks to deal with the crazy-making world.  Yoga has many tricks for us to pull out when needed.  Pranayama, the breathing exercises and asanas are just the start.  There's Raja Yoga the study of Yoga philosophy with Yamas and Niyamas which are the ethical guidelines to living a peaceful, useful, healthy life. 

And so my Yoga Tip of the Day is...
Find some time to learn and practice something from the Yogic bag of tricks today.  For life just might throw you for a loop and you'll need it, right there in your pocket.

If you're interested the Yoga Life Society has many video talks, excerpts to read and upcoming talks for you to enhance your arsenal with.  (Yogic arsenal of peace that is.)

Final relaxation at the park.  Soothing and cooling with a little help from the spritz of rain just at the end.

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