Wednesday, August 15, 2012


You know what inspires me?  My students.  After teaching a Yoga class, I am more at peace than before.  So thank you all who have shared their time, energy and inner smiles with me as we practice together.

Still interested in hearing what inspires you to practice. 

This Saturday I can't make the Free Yoga class, but Dinesh has graciously offered to sub for me.  Yea, Dinesh!  He's a certified Yoga instructor who has many stories about Yoga practiced in India by the hundreds in parks.  Ah, I can only dream!

So enjoy Yoga Saturday morning with Dinesh.  And I'll see you next Free Yoga session August 25th.
(Wed. 22nd is canceled)

Be well and here's to hoping you find your inspiration tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.  (Thank you Mr. Shakespeare.)


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