Sunday, August 19, 2012


Weekend wonderful of acres of wildflowers, picking blueberries, smokey fires, roasted marshmallows,  or should I say marsh-mellows-- because the weekend was as relaxed as it could be. 

A retreat of our own making.  I highly recommend it.  We used to find a house that we could stay at for the weekend and it was cheaper than a hotel and much easier to stay at with a dog (two dogs actually, my friend and her pooch were there as well) and we could cook our own food.  Eating out for me is getting harder and harder since I try my hardest to eat with a more alkaline diet mindset and I already do not eat dairy, gluten or beef/chicken. 

We brought the Yoga mats and did a shortened asana sequence but it did feel like we were doing Yoga all day long.  There were walks on the property that helped me breathe deeper than I do in everyday life.  There was quiet- yes quiet while I was cooking.  I didn't rush to put on a movie or TV show.  I enjoyed what I was doing at the moment.  It really did remind me how much external noise and running around I do that does not lead to my health and peace. 

Just a little spark gets the energy flowing to build into a roaring flame.  That is how this weekend has made me feel-- my fire is reignited.  I am able to stay centered and enjoy the whirring of the world as it goes around me. 

Ah, the freedom!

Yoga Dog thinks so too.

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