Friday, August 17, 2012

The Yoga Life Society Class

Why do Yoga and meditation?

"A mind with scattered attention lacks self-knowledge, experiences much of life through preconceived notions, is prone to jumping to conclusions, and fails to perceive subtle implications of actions and events."
-- Rev. Jaganath Carrera, From the New Book:  AWAKEN, Inside Yoga Meditation

I wish I didn't judge people.  It is not very Yogic of me.  Yet, I see some people and witness their suffering due to their own mind or habits they've developed and feel tremendously sad.  My name is Karuna after all.  Karuna means compassion and divine mercy.  My whole being wants to take this person's hand and lead them to a good, spiritual Hatha Yoga class.  For maybe the first step is a Hatha practice.  The Hatha practice does get rid of toxins stuck in the body but also the mind.  It is a natural progression then to a meditation practice which was always the goal back when the Sages developed these practices.

This is why I like the Yoga Life Society philosophy so much.  The YLS class (which is what I teach) is derived from the ancient teachings of Yoga philosophy, asanas, pranayama, healthy diet and meditation.  Other Yoga classes might do the same but YLS really focuses on Yoga as a healing modality-- reminding us of Yoga's connection to the acupressure points.  I also love that a YLS class focuses on the individual Yoga student-- making sure s/he is getting what s/he needs out of it-- without judgement, without competition or "perfection."  For isn't it refreshing to step out of the need to be "perfect" in life, and what a great gift we get if we practice this on the mat, then we can bring it to our life off the mat.

And so, with a huge hug, smile and Namaste,

I wish you a wonderful start of your weekend.

Yoga Girl

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