Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*** Free Yoga this morning.  Last Wednesday we will be practicing in the park.  Join us at 10am!  Our last Saturday is coming up this Saturday at 8am.  (Donations go to the Yoga Life Society.)

*** Also if you are interested, next week starts our Play Reading Series at the West Windsor Arts Council.  7pm -- for Ian August's The Goldilocks Zone.  Only $6 for a play!  More info go to

A Poem I was inspired to write this morning:


Brought home sunshine in a yellow sunflower
Now sitting on my desk
sun ray highlights
brown dipped tips
sipping in the last few sips of water
before exhaling its last breath
Yes you are dying
Cut off from your source
But aren't we all?
Before we wilt and fade
Let us live like you
Basking in the spotlight
Fostering smiles every day
Let me be like you
Today, tomorrow and
Every day I have left
my leaves reaching for light
open and ready for anything
Let me be like the sunflower
Sitting on my desk

Hope you find a bit of creativity today!


Yoga Girl

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