Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What inspires you to do your practice?

I'm trying for some communication.  You, yes you, I'd love to know your thoughts.
I've been hearing a lot of people say they are trying Yoga.  It is in some schools.  It is being held in Parks for free (hint, hint) and I'm curious what brings you back to the mat to practice?  What inspires you to get up and do the asanas, or meditation or whatever it is that you do practice?

My inspiration comes from that little voice in my head that says "If you don't do the practice, you will be hurting all day- physically and mentally.  You know you are a kinder, more patient, more at peace with the world participant in life when you do a little asana, a little pranayama and a little meditation."  I don't know if the voice is my own voice, the voice of my Guru or my guardian angel's but it is right.

Maybe what inspires you will inspire others.  Comment below. 

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