Friday, August 3, 2012

Tonight I went out and heard a great fun band, Igor and The Red Elvises.  I had so much fun.  You know those bands that have great songs, but live they are kind of boring.  Well, these guys are full of life, have personality and get everybody moving.  I met a few friends there and we danced, sang along with the silly lyrics, like "Your love is better than cocaine" and "Surfing in Siberia."  I had a blast and no alcohol necessary. 

They're in PA the next two days.  I highly recommend them.

My Yoga Tip of the Day:  Listen to some music and dance.  Okay, it's not a Yoga tip but Yoga is for fun and so is music and dancing.  Why not, turn up some music and dance around the house. 

Here's to enjoying life a little bit more, and less worries, complaints, and fear.

-- Yoga Girl

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