Saturday, August 4, 2012

Laughter Yoga

Hm, I didn't know that I would run out of things to discuss.  But here I am at a loss for words.  There's so much I could share with you from the meditation training, healing through Yoga classes and Hatha classes I've taken.  But something happens to me after 10pm.  (Is this a sign of getting older?)  I get tired and all good intentions give way to sleepiness.  So luckily there is YouTube and many Yogic videos to share.  Here is one of my favorite.  Laughter Yoga.  I dare you to watch this and not smile.

And see you Wednesday for the Yoga in the Park class at 10.  We're having a blast and the group is growing.  There's 30 people signed up on the Meetup group and an average of 5-8 participants each class.  I can't wait until it hits double digits!  Maybe this coming week!  (It would be a lovely birthday present!  It's my birthday on Monday and I celebrate all week!)  So maybe I'll see you on Wed. or Sat. (8am) at Mercer County Park.

With lots of light, love and tons of laughter!

Yoga Girl


  1. Karuna..happy birthday week by the way. Laughter yoga was a part of the daily routine i used to practice. I remember all the walkers anf runners in the park stop by to see if we were a group of crazy yogis. But its one of those things that truly opens up your mind and heart in addition to exercising all the organs above the neck. May be we should try it in one of our next classes

  2. Thanks Dinesh, I would love to do Laughter Yoga with the group. Let's make the West Windsor runners and walkers think we're a bunch of crazy Yogis. More than that, a bunch of healthy, fun-loving Yogis. Would you like to lead it at the end of the next Hatha session?


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