Saturday, August 11, 2012

The video I wanted to make for you was about cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper.  I highly suggest it.  If you have a lot of white or a deep long line indent in your tongue then you might want to go on an alkaline diet.  Your body heals better in an alkaline state.  But my pictures were not going to be as beautiful as this.  And really who wants to see a close up of my tongue.  

This is a better video.  Maybe you heard David Rakoff on NPR.  Even if you heard this story already, it is a beautiful and touching story for everyone.  It is about Yoga although he never says the word.  Accepting that we are all getting old and losing some of our abilities while trying to find the beauty and grace in it, to me is Yoga.  
David passed from his body two days ago.  May our lives be enriched by his and his soul find an easy passing and I hope he's still dancing.

Let us all find unshakeable peace and joy in this lifetime.

Yoga Girl

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