Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Yoga Time!

Had so much fun in Massachusetts this weekend dancing at a friend's wedding and doing Yoga to the sound of ocean waves.  Ahhh.

Bear Skin Neck, Rockport, MA
Behind the cute little shops of sea glass, jewelry, Tibetan art and scarves is the most beautiful blue water.  I have to go back and kayak.  But for now I loved doing Yoga in the mornings and meditating to the sound of the water.  Check out my very stylish white sports socks under the sandals-- very stylish, aren't I?  It's getting a bit chilly.  What you don't see in this picture because I wanted not to show off how much of a wimp I am-- is a grey wool sweater I was wearing to walk around in.  But the socks give it away- I was cold.  Autumn is definitely upon us. 

How is the end of your summer going?  Where did you do Yoga this summer?  Send pictures!  Send stories!  I'd love to hear all about it!

Yoga at Mercer County Park is continuing with Dinesh.  Check out our new Facebook page YOGA Matt-ers!  Yoga Matt-ers

We're trying to continue the outdoor Yoga indoors-- so let us know if you have a suggestion of where 5-10 of us can continue practicing together and donating the proceeds to the Yoga Life Society. 

Also very, very excited about the Global Mala event!  $27 to go practice outdoors with 1,000 other Yogis, chant Om 108 times with Shiva Rea and Corey Booker!  I can't wait to be in their presence.  If you're going to the event, let us know so we can all meet up and put our mats next to one another. Click on this link to sign up or get more information...

And another great opportunity/event-- the Yoga Life Society retreat has just opened up the retreat to those who can't come to the whole event but want to come to just one day -- really great teachers, food, fun and tranquil surroundings!  Go on the website and check out more information:

Be well and remember that every moment can be Yoga time if you want it to be!

Yoga Girl

Inside during the Rockport trip, doing Yoga to wake up.  Can you read the TV?  I think it says urgency!  Funny that's how I felt-- Yoga must do now!

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