Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Golden Compass

I'm always a little late with trends.  In high school everyone was wearing Doc Martens and I didn't get my first pair until I was in college.  Last month I started reading The Golden Compass trilogy because a friend recommended them.  I know, I know, you probably read them years ago or at least saw the movie with Nicole Kidman but I didn't know I'd enjoy the story so much.  I'm loving the spiritual aspects that mixes with science.  When the main character Lyra reads her "golden compass" she has to get into a meditative state to understand its meaning.  And now I'm onto the second book, The Subtle Knife where Lyra explains to the other main character Will, how to use another important tool while his mind is focused on pain in his hand.  "Just sort of relax your mind and say yes, it does hurt, I know.  Don't try and shut it out."  I was reading this thinking about what I learned in meditation teacher's training with Rev. Jaganath.  I learned that thoughts come into the mind and you can not force them out.  Instead try focusing on something positive and peaceful.  It could be focusing on a candle flame or a mantra. 

I love finding Yogic reminders in my daily life.  Anyone else find a Yogic hint today?

Om Shanti,

Yoga Girl


  1. Me too! Totally fun to have that yoga lens to view art through.

  2. My yogic hint was a 15 + 10 + 5 minute 'mediation' that turned into a nap!!

  3. and no, I have not read the book--but I DID see the movie--I think I liked it!


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