Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teaching Yoga

Teaching Yoga is so much different for me than teaching theatre.  For one thing I start by thinking that I'm not teaching-- I'm sharing and I ask for Guruji Rev. Jaganath to teach the class through me.  That way I do not have to worry.  It works.  I sometime arrive tired and rushed from my day, but taking a moment to ask for Guruji's help really makes everything go smoothly.  I feel lighter, less in my head and more in my heart. 

Tonight though, I asked for Guruji's help and for some reason I had the thought to ask his master, Swami Satchidananda too.  I was really tired tonight, and I had a double class of Yoga ahead of me.  I was teaching my class and subbing for the next class' teacher.  The moment I did that, boy the energy changed.  What I've learned about Sri Gurudev Satchidananda was that he believed that Yoga didn't have to be so serious.  He believed in laughter and enjoying the class.  And so I think his spirit influenced me tonight.  Boy was I goofy.  I mistakenly said the wrong hand a few times as we stretch up to the sky during a twist and we laughed as I said that this was the Laughter Yoga portion of the evening.  And so thank you Guruji and Gurudev for guiding me today.

I highly recommend teaching to anyone who is thinking of taking a teacher's training.  So wonderful.  You really get more energy back than you give out.  It's energizing.  I also wouldn't have learned so much about Yoga's history, philosophy, healing abilities, etc. if I didn't study with such great teachers.

You might want to think about it.

And all of my Yoga teacher friend out there-- do you ever think of yourself as a prism at the end of class during final relaxation.  I'm sending out good, healing energy and lately I picture myself as a prism taking energy from the center of the world (more specifically that white light in the All Faiths meditation room at Yogaville) and sending out to all my students.  
You ever imagine yourself a prism?  It's kinda cool-- rainbows shooting out of my palms.  Okay enough-- my Yoga students might think I'm crazy.

Well, I am, but in a good way I hope.

Be well, be light, be the light!

Om Shanti,
Yoga Girl

P.S. This Friday night is Satsang with Sri Guruji Rev. Jaganath at Akasha in Colts Neck.  I highly recommend your attendance.  Having such a master of Yoga so close, it's a shame if you don't hear him at least once in your life.  And once you do, I bet you'll want more.

Outdoor Yoga Sat. at 9am.  $5 donation.  Mercer County Park Marina Pavilion.  Dinesh is teaching and I'll be there too!

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