Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year coming up.  What will you do with it?

Ah, the list.  The new year arriving and all of a sudden I get a craving for lists.

This morning in meditation I realized there is only one thing on my list this year...

Usually I ask for guidance in helping me let go of judgement and that has usually meant: judgement of others.  But this morning something clicked for me, when asking for help letting go of judgement a little voice said, "And that includes yourself."

Ah so true!  I want to let go of the judgement that arises in my brain that whispers to me often that I haven't done enough for my writing career, for my spiritual health, for my connection to my community, etc. etc.

Boy, that's a lot of judgement.

And so I hereby announce to the world that starting today (not even tomorrow on the Eve) I let the judges in my mind float away like the lanterns we will be lighting and sending into the universe on New Year's Eve.  (Can't wait to post pictures of that.)

The only other thing on my list is to see my play, A Blessed Unrest produced by an established theatre company this year.  It's for my cousin, Michael.  I wanted to produce this for you in your life, but I have a feeling that you'll help me now that you are free from your body and can go anywhere and do anything!

That's it.  Two things.  I can handle two things.

So yes there are many more nagging little things that want to jump on the list... but no, you shall stay on a post-it and not go on "The List."

What is on your "List" for this year?

And what would you like Swami Cat and I to do this coming year?

We have a book coming out, a calendar and I have a few short film ideas percolating.  Feel like acting in a short film in the Spring?  Let me know!

With so much love, light and laughter for your new year!

Yoga Girl

And now here's some happenings for the New Year...
 Princeton Center for Yoga & Health New Year's Celebration

Princeton IYI in Monmouth Junction's Special Event

ALSO I'm participating in a fundraiser for victims of Sandy two-legged and four-legged victims.
Please help me by donating just $15 -- I will be participating in as many of the Yoga classes as I can on Jan. 26th.  You too can sign up to participate and drive down there with me.
Here's the info:
Yoga Heals Fundraiser
Benefitting Children and Pets Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

From 2pm - Midnight on Saturday, January 26th, 2013, The Center for Health and Healing will offer 16 all-level yoga classes taught by our wonderful teachers. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help local children and animals displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Ninety percent of money raised will be split between The Popcorn Park Zoo and helping to rebuild Boyd Elementary School of Seaside Heights and Lavallette Elementary School through the Back to School
There will also be a Wishing Well at the Center for donations of new school supplies or pet food. We are very excited about this event because it gives us the opportunity to directly help families affected by Hurricane Sandy while doing something we love - practicing yoga!

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