Monday, December 17, 2012

Good night sweet prince,
lover of nature, of laughter, of soft-shelled crab (or did you just want to see me order it and struggle with how to eat it)
I'll always remember how you visited me in the bowels of South Central, worried for your life but happy to take me out to dinner,
I'll always remember the joy in your voice as you reminisced about your youth hitchhiking across the country and how you took a dance class one time and the teacher told everyone to be more like you-- brave and passionate (even if graceful wasn't your thing.)
I wish you much freedom now, now that you are out of the chains of non-movement.
17 years is too long for anyone to not move, except by contraptions and machines
So many people will miss you.
You and your advice.
You and your stubborn willfulness.
I hope you know how much we loved you.
Still love you.
Thank you for your inspiration, your stories, your heart.  I am so proud of what we created together.
My only wish now is that you can see it when it gets produced.  I'll make sure there's an open seat for you in the front row.
Sad for us, but not sad for you.
Much, much love to you and rest for your spirit.

-- Lynne

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