Monday, November 7, 2011

Look Both Ways!

Is it just me, or are people walking across the street without looking for cars these days?  I'm driving in parking lots (where there are a lot of cars coming both ways) and people are looking straight ahead, or in the opposite direction of my car.  I understand that if I, the driver, lose concentration then I will be forever horrified by what I've done, have to live with that forever and might go to jail.  But the consequences for not being mindful when crossing the street could be a huge injury, paralysis or the loss of my physical being on this Earth so I would think that they would listen to their inner mother who says, "Look both ways before crossing the street." 

Trying to be very mindful/grateful of the little things--
my beautiful nephew is walking with some assistance, is talking up a storm, and beyond a whisper.  He's saying "I love you" to everyone several times a day.  Which is sweet, until you think too much about it and remember he has short term memory loss and doesn't remember he just said it.  Oh wait the grateful list, right-- he's leaving the hospital for home in a few days.  My sister will once again be able to be with both children at once and lead some kind of "normal" existence. 

Yoga Dog and his girlfriend at the dog park
I'm also grateful that Yoga Dog wasn't eaten by another dog at the dog park.  He wasn't even scratched when a seemingly sweet new rescued dog was playing with him when suddenly he had Yoga Dog's face in his death jaws.  Yoga Dog is so trusting, playful and engages everyone that he doesn't realize when he's being too friendly too soon.  It took many scary moments to pry the dog's teeth off Yoga Dog's snout.  But luckily all we found was a lot of slobber and no blood.  I think we're going to be more mindful of where to bring Yoga Dog since he is overly friendly. 

This Friday Guruji Rev. Jaganath is having a Satsang at Akasha and guess what the topic is going to be?  Gratefulness.  Ah, another chance to live in the happy zone of what is good instead of the worries and negatives.  I hope to see you there.

Let me know what your challenges are on the path to mindfulness/gratefulness. 

Om and prem,
Yoga Girl

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