Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning to Live in Love and not Fear

It is amazing.  I thought my home was perfect the way it was.  I liked when people came over and they commented on how the colors and the decorations were very me.   I thought that there was no more room for I had every wall covered with a picture or shelf or piece of furniture.  But then I met my fiancée and I looked forward to him moving in.  I was moving up in the world—trading in my college-like uncomfortable futon couch for his cushy adult sofa.  But with every box, every large piece of furniture he dragged in, I thought to myself that this won’t work.  I was protective of my space, fearful and couldn't imagine how his stuff would fit in.  Then slowly he found a space for it, by cleaning up a cluttered closet.  Then I began to give up a shelf here, a picture there, and soon it looked even more homey than before.  A small shelf for books when taken down, turned into a nice space for a bookcase of many of our books. 

And in the midst of all these furniture growing pains, I realized that this is what it is like to live in love. 

For love isn’t finite, it is an expanding room.  It is like a child with her arms wide open saying, “I love you this much times infinity.”  Guruji has said that he loves us unconditionally.  He's also said that love is not a noun it is a verb.  Love expresses itself  through service, I've learned from Guruji.  And I think I finally understand what he means.
And so please come on down to our garage sale this Saturday because I have a lot of love to give away, as well as a few tables, picture frames and a futon.

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  1. You made my day with your beautiful segue! xoxo


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