Friday, July 26, 2013

So much to catch you up on...

1. Swami Cat book available on Amazon.  (And from me, just ask me.)

2. Swami Cat and I (Yoga Girl) will be leading our first Family Fun Yoga event at Soulsational Music & Wellness Event Saturday (tomorrow) July 27th!  Whoo-hoo!  Bring the family, bring friends, all free!

3. Outdoor Yoga classes are gaining momentum!  Join us next next Saturday August 3rd at 8am at Mercer County Park Marina Pavilion.  By Donation (100% proceeds go to Yoga Life Society.) Kayaking afterwards if you sign up-- contact me and I'll make sure they know you're joining us.
If we get many Yogis, I'll change the weekly classes to Saturdays at 8 am until the last week in August, we'll be away.   What do you think?  Fun, right?!

4. Lower Back/Buttock muscles causing you pain?  We were talking about this in class today.  (With the cool breeze off the lake, and the sun shining down-- really if you weren't there, you missed a relaxing Yoga class)  So many of my students ask about this problem.  We all know we sit too much, at the computer, in the car...

What are you doing to combat this?

Found this online today:

Also try pigeon pose and locust.  Most of all, stop sitting so much.  Stand up and type.  Okay you can't stand and drive-- yet-- but someone should invent that!

And soon-- Yoga Girl and Swami Cat are doing a new video that might help you.  It's for all you Car Yogis out there.  You know what I'm talking about.  You use the back of the other chair to stretch your arms and shoulder blades.  Yes, I've seen you.

May you find peace, joy, sunshine and a smile today!

Om and Purr!
Yoga Girl

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