Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends, it is time to ask you for a favor.  I will be posting more and more on the Swami Cat Facebook page, and it would be lovely if I could get 100 likes by the end of this month to kick off Swami Cat's new book.  Would you be ever so kind and go to and like his page!

Oh and Swami Cat, Yoga Girl and Nitya have published their first Children's Book of Yoga Philosophy.  Do you know any children that can do Tree Pose and love to "Om?"  Then you could share Swami Cat's words of wisdom with them.  If you buy Swami Cat's book before July 21st -- you'll get his autograph- just let me know and I'll send it to you or give it to you when I see you.  (It's a cute little sticker.)
Here's the link to the book:

Very exciting!

May your Bliss be overflowing this summer.


Yoga Girl

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