Thursday, September 29, 2011

Couldn't help but stare long and hard at this picture of the cat with two faces.

Made me think of  Vishvarupa, the universal form of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.
Krishna reveals that he is at once both the ultimate essence of Being in the universe and also its physical body, referred to as the Vishvarupa (`Universal Form`).

Why did I stare so hard and long at the cat with two faces?

Not because I couldn't believe this could happen in the world, but that I know anything can happen at any time.  Right now I am saddened to find my four year old beautiful nephew in the hospital having had two emergency out-of-the-blue brain surgeries last weekend and they are slowly waking him up from a coma today.  It is at these tremendously unbelievable times that I find myself hooking onto my Yoga practices more than ever.  It has become important to me to say my Mantra whole-heartedly for Ethan's health and my sister's and her husband's strength during these tough times. 

I am so grateful for the breathing techniques and kirtan chanting that has kept my mind from wandering to a dark place.  Furthermore the Sangha, the beautiful people who I know through Yoga and beyond have had an influx of well wishes and prayers for Ethan which just makes me so happy and grateful.

Yes, it has been a long time since I have written in the blog.
And yes I did say that I was going write a Swami Cat version of the Yoga Sutras every day, but life happens. 

What I do promise is that I am thinking of all of you, sending you love, healing and light every day.

May all beings find Yoga or some other form of peaceful practice to hold them steady through life's sudden Tsunamis.  

And yes, God, I too like Arjuna will continue to do my duty, what I was born for in the face of the scariest obstacles.  I will fight my inner demons by serving others today.   
Sending you love, light and a lot of energy to fight your own inner demons. 

Many, many blessings,

karuna (A.K.A. Yoga Girl)

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