Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tail of the Day

Tail of the Day
Swami Cat

Every morning do a little stretch, breathe and Purring. 

When I miss my stretch, breathe and purr the day is a little off.  Sometimes the off day steamrolls into a bad day when I hiss at my students, stub another paw toe and miss many opportunities to serve others.  But when I take the few precious moments for myself the day is easier and I have more patience with others, the world becomes more colorful.  It's the difference between a cloudy day and a sunny day.  It is an old antennae TV channel filled with static instead of HD.

Yesterday I took a long walk with Gopal, A.K.A. Yoga Dog and taught him the joys of early morning Hatha.  We stretched, breathed and purred.  He did not get the purr down but he is very adept at the pant.  For the rest of the day we enjoyed each others' company, chose healthy foods to eat and for everyone we met along the way we smiled.  Gopal came up with the brilliant idea of picking up trash on our walk home.  We had paws full by the time we found a dumpster and hopefully all the people in the passing cars that saw us doing a good deed were inspired to as well.  It was a wonderful day watching the rain instead of cursing it, as could have happened. 

And so may you all find a little time to stretch, breathe and purr today.

A little reminder,

Swami Cat

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