Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now Yoga

Sitting with Yoga Girl and Gopal up on the mountains, looking at nature's beauty, I was reminded of how I feel after I meditate.  I admit, it has been awhile since I woke up early and did my full meditation and asana series.  This summer I took a part time job teaching kittens how to act (other than cute.)  My whole day was about wrangling kittens.  Have you ever tried to focus a clutter of kittens?  It is almost impossible except I know a secret.  Kittens love to play.  And so to re-focus them every so often I became the leader of Simon Says.  This then reminded me of meditation for is not the mind like a kitchen full of hungry chirping kittens?

And so when I returned from nature's quiet where I could easily meditate to the the home where dishes, laundry and cat liter lay, I opened my copy of Rev. Jaganath's Inside The Yoga Sutras.  I opened right to the first Pada.  "Now, the exposition of Yoga."  The only way to practice Yoga is to do it in the present.  Focus.  Be alert.  And so I will be alert and ask you to join me on my journey.  Once a day we together can study a section.

And so it begins.  See you back here tomorrow.

Om and purr,

Swami Cat

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