Sunday, July 24, 2011

"It's Hard to be a Saint in the City"

Dear Swami Cat,

Bruce Springsteen wrote, "It's so hard to be a saint in the city."  And it's true for the suburbs as well.  I find myself busy, busy, busy and then depleted of creativity, joy and patience.  But you'd be proud of me.  I took myself out into nature this weekend and watched as a neon green inch worm sauntered in down dog over and over in front of me.  I watched egrets take flight and turtles almost trust me but then jump last minute into the water.  There was a gorgeous butterfly that landed on the flower I had just hand-picked from the CSA I belong to.  I feel so much better in nature.  Then when I get home, ironing, dusting, cooking an organic, healthy meal for my family and cleaning off the clutter of my desk hounds me so much that I feel overwhelmed and unable to do any of it.  I don't see the beauty inside as I did watching that inch worm.

What can I do?  I can't give up my home and live outdoors always.

Bruce also penned, "They ride the line of balance and hold on by just a thread."   That's how I feel.


Nature Girl

Dear Nature Girl,

Yes, nature is beautiful, all the miracles that surround you.  You take a walk and can marvel at the smallest of details that the universe displays before us-- a spider's intricate web, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly but can you not also see the beauty inside?  The handiwork of the craftsman that made the shelves that you have to dust and is it not easier to breathe once all the papers are put away.

I understand.  I know what it is like to dislike the "chores" of life.  I was once in a band and living with several band-mates on the road.  It's awful seeing dishes in the sink but day after day we all would not admit they were ours and so they sat there, congealing, foul smelling and a nasty reminder of just how ugly life could be.  But something happened when I couldn't take it anymore and cleaned all of them.  I didn't mind the suds, the repetitive motion, the chore.  I was doing it not only for me, but for my fellow band mates.   Could you not also think of the chores as little gifts to your family and the world?  Maybe we can not always say "I love you" as we would like, but it is the little things-- doing laundry for your family, making a tasty, healthy meal that help the world be a better place.  Outside we see sunsets and say "Ah," why can't we also wipe away dust and say, "Ah" as well.

Hope you can put on some good music and dance around as you do those chores.

And for you another few lyrics, from the memorable funky fun band, the B-52's--
"Housework, housework, housework...I am doing my housework / Got no time to fool 'round / I am doing my housework / Cleanin' up and I'm gettin' down."

Om and purr,
Swami Cat

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