Saturday, April 2, 2011

A letter from Swami Cat

Dear Yogis and Yoginis,

Thank you for your letters.  I understand that some of you want to know a little bit about my daily routine.  Do I wake and do Asanas and Pranayama?  But of course.  Meditation-- every day.  Twice daily if I can fit it into my night time schedule, if not just a little on my bed before I take my nightly catnap.

The day is busy full of responding to emails, writing my book of Yogic Lessons from the Liter Box, working on editing the Inside the Yoga Studio: Swami Cat Yoga Interviews, and consulting with other animals that wish to follow the Yogic lifestyle.  There are many.

Have you noticed that when you do your Yoga practices outside there are animals paying attention?  They are looking for some peace and the ability to rest in meditation as well, I assure you.  It is not as easy for the wild animals.  Those poor souls must always be on the lookout for a predator or an encroaching construction tractor that they have lost their instinctive ability to be at peace.

Just recently I had a call from a squirrel that doesn't know why the humans are so upset with her.  She couldn't see their point of view.  After a few sessions of Yoga Nidra we spoke about the human's desire to feed the birds and see their pretty colors and so she discontinued her attack of the bird feeder and resumed her search for acorns.  Another happy soul.

Often I am faced with a challenge that even I can not handle calmly right away.  Just recently the home where I reside, with Yoga Girl has had an invader.  Yes, Yoga Girl did invite him in, but I was not consulted.  This creature is of a loving nature but has not had proper Yogic training.  I am taking upon myself to teach him to stop licking certain parts of his body early in the morning and focus more on his downward dog stretches that he does quite well.  He is a very willing student but he is of the species of animals that does not listen well to cats, so I am sometimes met with a growl.  Luckily the growling subsides quickly when I show him that I have the doggy treats in my paw.

I'll keep you updated on Yoga Dog's progress.

Please let me know if you are having any problems with your animals or your Yogic practice.  I am here to serve.

With much love, light and purring.

Swami Cat

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