Friday, April 15, 2011

Cesar's Way


My dog's obsession is his bone that he will chew on until he kills it.

My new obsession is my dog.  I rush home from work so we can go on a walk together and have time to practice what I've been learning from Cesar Milan's DVD.  Harrison and I are both benefiting from Cesar's teachings on dog psychology and behavior.   

As Cesar's DVD teaches me tricks to snap a dog out of his obsessions that are bad for him or us, I constantly see new and improved ways that I can calmly and assertively train my junior high school students.  Okay, okay dogs-- kids not the same.  But Cesar's Way is all about calm, assertive energy that redirects the canine when s/he is not focusing on the right thing.

My favorite part of this training is learning that dogs when they walk following a pack leader, their ears are back, they are submissive and are in a open mind zone.  They clear their mind and all stress, anxiety, defensive nature goes away so that they can just follow.  This is the same as a person in a good Yoga class, is it not?  I love knowing that when I calmly, assertively take Harrison on a walk that he is in a Yoga zone. 

So I've been thinking about how I can translate this training to the classroom with 20-30 Jr. High students.  I can't put them on a leash, but I can use calm, assertive energy and practice some Yoga techniques with them.  I have taught them a relaxation exercise and after that lesson my students always beg me to do it again and again.  They tell me that they never learned how to relax or quiet their mind and they see the benefits right away.

I hope some day I am able to teach more ways to bring peace into their lives.  And one way I hope to do this is by creating a calm but fun classroom where students know their boundaries and I can find tricks that refocus them quickly just like a quick harmless yank on the leash redirects Harrison.

If you have any Yogic redirecting tricks for kids or dogs, let me know.

Lots of love, light and calm, assertive energy to you.

--Yoga Girl

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