Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was inspired to clean out my closet of old clothes.  It was really easy once I started.  Out went the shirt I've only worn a few times, and the pants that are way too big but they were on sale and were comfortable.  So I tried to get the whole collection down to 33 but I couldn't.  That's okay, I am donating a whole 2 large bags of clothes to Goodwill and now I have space in my closet. 

Check this out. 

Okay it still needs a closet makeover but it is less cluttered.   And now I feel like my mind has had a little Spring cleaning as well. 

Ah, Spring cleaning.  Making room for a few breezes and long walks in the woods.  I can't wait.

How's your closet and mind?  Any open space?

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