Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Hall-ohm-ween!

Haven't had a blog post in such a long time.  Sorry my friends, life has been about teaching junior high, settling into married life and family.  Two days a week I dedicate some service to my parents and grandparents, cooking and spending time with them.  One night I teach Yoga.  Another I go to a playwriting group or work on my writing.  So doesn't leave much time to write on the blog but today I promise to get back to once a week.  This is the place I can look at what is going on in my life and see if I'm keeping the balance-- if I'm actually living the Yogic life.  Right now I'm a little out of balance and it has manifested in headaches and a tight back.  So please let me know that you read the blog, for that helps me to get to the computer to write it.

In fact I have another contest:  Which Yoga Girl Logo design do you like best?  It will be printed onto a T-Shirt as Yoga Girl's official costume.  My new mother-in-law, Bruna designed them.  Aren't they fun?  It is backwards so I can print it out on an iron-on transfer.

Pick A) Purple with gold lettering

B) Gold with purple lettering


C) Black and white

Everyone who replies to the blog with his/her answer is entered to win a chance to be interviewed by Swami Cat for the upcoming new show "Inside The Yoga Studio." 


  1. I'm voting for B)Gold w/ purple lettering. I think it would look better with a white or black t-shirt.

  2. I vote for letter A. Purple with Gold lettering.
    Can't wait to see it at Jayanthi!


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