Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A few suggestions from Swami Cat

Dear Loyal Readers,

Here are a few of my new favorite things…

1. CATKU: What Is The Sound of One Cat Napping?
I must give a warm thank you to Reverend Janaki and Reverend Jaganath for finding such a funny book of haikus which are an almost too truthful look at the world through the eyes of a cat.  I don’t think I could write it better, although these cats did not find the peace and joy that Yoga can bring.  Even the animal kingdom falls prey to all the trappings of a large ego, such as “feeling superior than the dog species” and obsession with a tin can of food.

2. Special thanks to KC for bringing my attention to a new wonderfully enlightening program entitled, "Speaking of Faith." She knew I listen to many of NPR’s fine podcasts as I do my nightly walk along the picket fence and she suggested I download episodes of  “Being” hosted by Krista Tippett.

There is one from this summer that has an interview with Matthew Sanford, a Yoga instructor and author who has been paraplegic since he was thirteen years old.  What insight he has into the mind-body communication.  He eloquently explains that there is a subtler level on which to feel, that is accomplished by listening deeply to the body.  One description he shared is so vivid I can not stop thinking about it.  He explained being fully alive in his body, completely sinking into it, letting go of all tension– it is like a hug from someone you love.  How beautiful.  It must be like when my mother picked me up by the scruff of the neck when I was a young kitten and I became limp and yet utterly comfortable. 

This has inspired me to purchase his new book, “WAKING Mind and Body.”  I look forward to snuggling up with this new book while sipping ginger tea on the cooling Autumn nights.

3.Well, I thought I was alone in my unique feline focus on the Yogic arts but I stand corrected.  CL sent me a link to what I just have to say are the most flexible companion pets I have ever seen.  dhttp://yogadogz.com/cats2010.html

I hope you all continue to send me new and exciting Yoga tidbits that you come across.

And remember the Yoga life is not a purrfect, it is a practice. 

Om Sweet Om,

Swami Cat

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