Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting older

I had gotten out of the habit of plucking the gray hairs, telling myself it was a natural part of getting older and I accepted this.  Mostly because there is nothing you can do about it and everyone goes through it.  So why hide getting older? 

Never thought I would care.  If the grays grew in a stripe like Lily Munster then that would have been cool. 

But looking old"er" for my wedding.  I don't know if I want that.  It's all about getting older in my family get-togethers lately.

Been watching my grandparents hit that stage in their life where they become like children again, and need my parents to help them.  My poor mother is losing sleep now wondering if grandma will hurt herself on the new oven that is in her almost assisted living facility.  (It's more of a hotel with two meals a day.)  Grandma might need more than that for she's having trouble finding the elevator and opening up her door.  This is hard, mom and dad had to do something and there's not enough room in their house for dad's mom and mom's dad.   (Both got sick at once and live in Florida.)  My parents are finding themselves in the situation of making decisions for their parents who previously were very independent people.

Watching my family struggle with the aging process makes me long for villages where the elders are taken care of by the tribe and looked to for advice and wisdom.  Therefore while sitting with her in the lobby of her new home away from home waiting for my parents to finish setting up her linens on the bed, and hang her clothes in the closet, I asked grandma a question that was on my mind.

"Gram, what should I do about my grays for the wedding?  I could dye them."

Grandma can not see too well anymore, so I'm sure she didn't notice them.
"Why can't you just pluck 'em?"

I had almost forgot about that option.  And so first thing this morning I took my grandma's advice.

Yogic?  Not Yogic?  I don't know.  What do you think?

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  1. If you have so few grays that plucking doesn't leave you with an enormous bald spot - then you're in great shape! I have grays in a stripe. They still make me feel old! AND I have them all over my head so that I would be a very thin-haired person indeed if I started plucking (I also would be spending all my time plucking)

    However, I do think that plucking hairs can be a meditative kind of activity, kind of like chopping wood and carrying water.

    Or you could put a veil over your head and hide the grays that way on wedding day, leaving time for daily practice.


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