Monday, July 28, 2014

Recently I took a trip and was delighted to find that changing my routine, reinvigorated my creativity and deepened my dedication to Yoga.  I wasn't on a Yoga retreat, wasn't on a gorgeous beach with palm trees lulling me into samadhi.  I was stuck in a cramped hotel room, with a view of DC's finest gray rooftops.  That is to say that it wasn't the beauty that inspired me, it was changing my routine.

I admit it.  I'm a Netflix junkie.  I watch movies as I make breakfast, then continue as I clean the dishes.  My dishes have never been so clean.  

Being away led me into a new routine and I'm so grateful for it.  Instead of constantly being bombarded by visuals, stories that were told to me and living vicariously through characters' lives, I found a stronger imagination.  

By fasting from stories, I dreamed deeper and remembered my dreams after I woke.  One of them has turned into a really great science fiction story that I hope to expand on.  

It is with this newfound knowledge that I implore you to change up your routine.  Turn off the constant input and let your mind find its own rhythm.  

I read somewhere that is what Tim Burton does.  He doesn't even do email.  (He has someone who does that for him-- which would be nice.)  He wants his creativity to flow and not be stifled from outside sources.  

Maybe you can't get away and change your routine.  Or maybe you just aren't ready yet to turn off the radio, Netflix, Twitter, emails.  You could then make a retreat for yourself...

Take a new class.  

You can join us for a Free Meditation class on Sundays in August 8 am to 8:30 am and stay for a Hatha class afterwards at the Yoga Loft in Freehold/Howell.  (Message me if you want more information.)

Or you might want to check out this free online class at UC Berkeley on the Science of Happiness.  It starts Sept. 9 and if you audit it for no credit, it is free.  

Another free possibility is:

Wishing you lots of creativity, joy, serenity and sunshine.



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