Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time goes so quickly when enjoying the summer sun. 

Backyard Yoga yesterday.
Peonies started to bloom and smell amazing.
Planning many videos and workshops for the summer with Yoga Girl.
New books on the horizon and continue to promote Swami Cat Says.
Do you know of a Yoga Studio or small bookstore that would enjoy a Swami Cat visit and book signing?  Summer's the time!  We travel!

Let us know-- so many ways to follow or contact Swami Cat.  And please do.  We love connecting with fans, students, fellow Yoga lovers.

Here at

As always feel free to send us your questions about Yoga, life, love and pet issues.

We love to answer them in our best Yogic-Cat-centric way.

And most of all, have you seen our happiest Yoga video yet?  Warning: you might want to push back from the computer a bit-- it will make you jump out of your seat and dance.

Om and lots of purr today,

Swami Cat

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