Monday, February 4, 2013

Back pain.
It's been on my mind a lot lately.
Maybe because it is my number one issue-- back, neck, down the left leg pain.
I know the causes-- scoliosis, flat feet and from birth my hips were off and one leg was turned in.  I almost was Laura from the Glass Menagerie.  I wondered why I adored the writing of Tennessee Williams so much.  Maybe that is why.

That's my problem, but yet, so many of us have back problems and it can't all stem from the same problems that I have.

It is our culture of sitting that does us in.

I've had several chiropractors tell me not to sit anymore.

Oh okay, when they make a car and desk for writers that allows me to stand all day, I'll get 'em.

I've been contemplating what to do about my on again, off again back pain for over fifteen years.  What helps-- Yoga of course.

Yet, it was getting really bad a few weeks ago.  I had the pain down the back of my leg stemming from my hip.  I was told it's not sciatica (phew) but I was still in pain.  You should have seen me driving.  I'm sure someone thought I was dancing.  I sat on my left leg.  You only need your right in an automatic.  Then I'd have my left ankle on top of my right thigh.  When I couldn't take that anymore I'd stretch the leg out as straight as I could, moving my seat all the way back.  I would have swung my leg out the rolled-down window if it wasn't so cold.

I tried all the usual suspects.  I tried the wedge or Cush Tush some manufacturers call it.


I tried back cushions, the massage seats for cars, the beads, etc.

Then it came to me.  I should try sitting like I do in Yoga class with my tailbone lifted.  It couldn't hurt. Right?  So I rolled a blanket and put it under my tailbone and not soon after I was feeling less pain.  Today I drive with it every day and I haven't felt pain in months.

The only problem is that it moves around a lot.  I was thinking of buying this...  anyone try it yet?

So how is your back?  

Here's what I do to make sure I keep my back as healthy as possible.

Cobra nice and slow



Sun Salutations

Janu Sirsanana - Head to Knee pose

These and a back massage sure do help.

Here's to a healthy back for us all!

Om Shanti,

Yoga Girl

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