Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Things I'm Thinking About

Going along with the getting things done that I've been doing are lists.  I'm into lists lately.  Feels good to cross things off the list.

So here's my latest.

A few blogs ago I promised kale recipes... this is my favorite and a crowd pleaser.

If you have a teen at home, or know a teen, or are a teen... this is a great blog to follow.

And lastly I've been thinking about the way pants fit, or should I say don't fit me.  So many times I wear them a few times and then realize that they don't fit well.  They are not made for curves.  Many times they are more like torture devices.  I wish I could wear my Yoga pants all day everyday.  I was noticing that my Yoga pants have a special extra insert on the inside crotch area.  Regular pants don't have this.  Why don't regular pants have extra in the inside so that it fits well, moves well and frankly doesn't give you a wedgie?  If anyone out there is a fashion designer please get on this.  I'll be your biggest fan.

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