Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Perfect Yogi

Dear Swami Cat:

I've been thinking lately about how when I take Gopal, my dog out for a ride in the car he jumps into my car not knowing where we're going or for how long.  He willingly jumps in and sits comfortably, feeling the breeze, content and happy without any knowledge of what's happening next.  I'm jealous of his complete surrender.  How do I cultivate this for myself?


Dear Chauffeur,

If you desire to be like your dog there are a few options you can try.

1) Let someone else drive and stick your head out the window
2) Take a few minutes in the morning and meditate on the notion that we are not in control of the driver seat no matter how much it feels or looks like we are-- God's hand is really moving our car, not our foot on the pedal
3) Practice saying yes to someone who usually makes you lose your cool.  Maybe a small child at home who talks to you only when you pick up the telephone or a student who calls your name from across the room-- practice hearing that person's voice as the voic of God, drop everything and listen to that voice.  Then you will be like your dog.

Now if you want to know how to surrender like your cat just let a mouse or bird loose in your house and hunt it all day.  It's very focusing and better than Pilates at core strengthening.

Om and Purr,
Swami Cat

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