Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carrie or Chris?

I've been thinking a lot lately about Northern Exposure.  Did you watch this show back in the 90's?  My fiancee and I have been watching old episodes on Netflix and although it does feel dated, (and Joel is often too whiney for my taste) I love listening to John Corbett's voice as the radio D.J.  He philosophized, shared his dreams, fears and observations like a Yogi.  When I thought about writing this blog, Chris from Northern Exposure popped into my mind.  I hope I can be as deep and thoughtful as Chris, but then again I also want to question the real world issues we all come up against, just as Carrie did from Sex In The City.  So hopefully this will be a good mix.

My question of the day is, "How do you keep centered when it feels like the whole outside world is depressed, falling apart and negative?"

Here's my plan.  I removed the CD of Next to Normal (great musical by the way) from my alarm clock and put in a CD from Guruji.  Now instead of emotional angst through show tunes, I wake to the soothing sound of Rev. Jaganath reminding me of why we need guidance and help in life.  He spoke to me about how it is too hard to do this alone, as I straightened my hair.  He spoke about the Guru/disciple relationship as I brushed my teeth.

This has helped.

I'm also avoiding those the traps at work where the negativity resides-- instead of eating where they are talking about lay-offs, I eat alone, in silence, actually tasting my food.

I also took Guruji's advice.  I focused on service.  Today I started a program that recycles old garbage into treasures.  It's a great company called Terracycle. It's a NJ based company that has the right idea.  Check it out:  The students became very excited about recycling and the rest of the day I've been feeling positive about the future. 

So Happy Earth Day and "How do you keep centered when it feels like the whole outside world is depressed, falling apart and negative?"

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  1. When I need help to keep centered when it feels like I'm surrounded by negativity, I check in with my friends and loved ones I know have positivity and staying centered as a priority. And I usually find, as did reading your blog, that they have helpful things to say. Good idea, this blog. Thanks for sharing the positive outlook and simple ways to keep the positive energy flowing.


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